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We are working hard to make your visit as safe, enjoyable, and as close to normal as possible. Please read the following carefully and get in touch if you have anything you would like to ask.

Information updated on Thursday 9 June 2022. Please be aware this information may be updated further if guidance changes.

    COVID-19 FAQs

  • How are you making my visit safe?

    So you can relax and enjoy yourself, we’ve made our top priority the safety of all our customers and staff. We are using a range of measures to do this, but please bear in mind we may need to change what we do as guidance changes. If this happens, we will keep our website updated with any changes and be in regular contact with customers.

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Whilst it is no longer mandatory, we strongly encourage customers aged 11 years old and above to wear a face mask when entering/moving around the venue and whilst watching the show inside the auditorium, unless there is a legitimate reason not to, such as a medical exemption, or eating/drinking.

    You can find more information about face coverings on Leicester City Council’s website.

  • Do I need to prove I’ve been vaccinated or had a negative test for Covid-19 to get into the hall?

    Whilst it is no longer mandatory, we strongly encourage customers aged 12 and above to either be fully vaccinated or to have had a negative test (rapid lateral flow or PCR) result within 48 hours of attending a show.

    We highly recommend you take a test even if you’ve been vaccinated as although the vaccine significantly reduces the chances of you catching or passing the virus on, it does not eliminate it. All of our staff are tested at least twice a week and all visiting artists have their own clearly defined protocols in place.

  • What if I have covid symptoms?

    We strongly encourage customers who have tested positive or have covid-related symptoms to follow government and public health advice to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

    Find out more information about Covid-19 symptoms and self-isolation requirements.

  • Will you have sanitiser available?

    Yes, sanitiser will be available at the entrance and throughout the venue. Please use it before entering the building and during your visit.

  • Are social distancing rules still in place?

    We would strongly encourage you to social distance from other people wherever possible and to remain responsible during your visit, but no, there is no longer any requirement to socially distance.

  • Will you take my temperature?

    You may be asked to have your temperature checked upon entry to the hall and anyone with a temperature of 37.8˚C or above will not be allowed in.

  • How do I show you my ticket?

    Please have your smart phone ready with e-tickets for checking when you arrive. Scanning e-tickets means our staff avoid handling tickets and they will not be allowed to touch your phone or paper tickets. If you don’t have a smartphone you can print your e-ticket out at home and bring it with you.

  • Can I use a ticket with the old date on it for a rescheduled show?

    Yes all tickets will remain valid for the new dates on rescheduled shows. You do not need to have a new ticket, just bring along the original.

  • When will the auditorium open?

    The auditorium will usually be open one hour before the performance start time for most shows – please check the show pages on our website for the latest times.

  • Where can I eat and drink?

    Please consume your refreshments at your seat inside the auditorium, so the foyers and bars do not get congested.

  • What are you doing about improving ventilation?

    We will be increasing air flow into the auditorium which may make it feel cooler than usual, so please come prepared for this. We will also open as many windows and doors as possible to increase the flow of fresh air.

  • Can I pay by contactless?

    Yes please, we would prefer contactless payments if at all possible.

  • How long are the intervals?

    Intervals will be extended to 30 minutes to ease congestion in the bars and toilets.

  • Can I get a drink or snack after the show?

    To ease congestion on the way out, we’re sorry, but we won’t be operating our bars and kiosks after the show.

  • How will you keep the hall clean?

    Enhanced cleaning will take place during your visit; the hall will be thoroughly cleaned after each performance and members of our team remain on call to regularly sanitise and clean high traffic areas.

  • Is the cloakroom open?

    We’re sorry but the cloakroom will remain closed for now to reduce the risk of cross contamination and protect our staff and customers. Please don’t bring anything more than the essentials for your visit.

  • Can I bring a bag?

    We would prefer if you don’t bring a bag but if you must, please keep it as small as possible. Bags any bigger than 35cm x 25cm x 15cm (roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper) will not be permitted into the venue, unless they are for medical use.

    As a security measure, please note that your bags or items of clothing may be searched upon entering the venue.

    If a bag is deemed too large by our security team, they will request that you return the bag to your car otherwise you may be refused entry.

  • Can I have a hearing loop?

    Yes, hearing loops will be available from our stewards and will be sanitised before and after use.

  • When can I leave at the end of the show?

    Please stay seated at the end of the performance until instructed to leave by our front of house team, to avoid congestion.

  • What if I feel ill during my visit?

    If you start getting symptoms of Covid-19 during your visit, please speak to our front of house team immediately. You will be asked to leave the venue and return home to isolate and follow NHS guidelines.

  • What if there is a case of Covid-19 during my visit?

    Should there be any cases of Covid-19 during the time you have visited us, we will pass any of your details that we have, if we are requested to do so, to NHS Test and Trace so they can contact you. This will only be up to and including 21 days from when you attended the performance. De Montfort Hall will never contact you directly regarding any Covid-related cases and will not be able to assist with such information after an event.

  • Can you tell me which events have been rescheduled?

    Many of the performances due to take place from March 2020 were  rescheduled and these new dates are shown on our What’s On pages.

    All tickets, including pre-booked parking, remain valid for the rescheduled date. If you can attend the new dates then no further action is required.

    If you can no longer attend the rescheduled date please contact our box office to discuss the options.

  • Can I see your Covid-19 Risk Assessment?

    If you would like a copy of De Montfort Hall’s Covid-19 Customer Risk Assessment, please email box office:

  • What if I cannot find the answer to my question, how do I get in touch?

    Please contact us if you have any more queries – email or see the details on our Contact page.

    Booking / tickets

  • How can I book tickets?

    Tickets are available to book online, in person or by calling our box office.

    Box office phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm (8pm on performance days).

    De Montfort Hall box office is open Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and weekends from 6pm to 8pm only on performance days or from one hour before a matinee performance.

    Customers have the option to book e-tickets, our preferred choice, or printed tickets. Printed tickets are only available for performances that are more than seven days in advance and a £2 postage charge will be applied.

    If you don’t receive your e-tickets within 24 hours of booking please check your junk/spam folder before contacting our box office

  • I have booked tickets for a performance and would now like to purchase parking separately, how do I do this?

    To book parking only, please click on the link below, choose the date of the performance and click ‘Order Tickets’.

    Parking is subject to availability and costs £5.

    Book parking tickets only.

  • Can I return tickets if I can no longer attend a performance?

    All tickets purchased are non-refundable.

    Tickets purchased directly from De Montfort Hall may be accepted for resale only when a performance is sold out. An administration fee will be applied, and monies returned to a gift card.

    Exchanges can be made but only for a run of the same show, subject to availability.

  • What happens if an event is cancelled or rescheduled?

    In the event of a performance cancellation, customers will receive a full refund to the method of payment. Tickets for rescheduled or postponed performances, unless otherwise specified by the promoter, will remain valid for the new date and should be retained. Customers who are unable to attend the revised date will need to request a refund at least 30 calendar days before the revised performance date.

  • I am having technical issues trying to book or set up an account, what should I do?

    Please contact the box office on 0116 233 3111 or

    • To create an account, the password needs to be a minimum of eight characters and include a number, capital letter and special character (%$£”).
    • There is a 15-minute limit online to complete your purchase. Leaving tickets in the basket will not guarantee a sale.
    • You must have ‘javablocked’ enabled to book tickets on our website.
  • I have found the tickets that I want to book but the booking system won’t let me proceed, why not?

    This is probably because the booking would leave a single seat in a row. Most booking systems are designed this way to ensure performances are as fully attended as possible.

    Please contact our box office if you are unable to find suitable seats online.

  • The performance I want to see is sold out, do you have a waiting list?

    Yes, for sold out performances only. If tickets become available our box office will contact those on the waiting list in the first instance, on a first come, first served basis. This can happen anytime between a show selling out, right up until the day of the performance. Customers on a waiting list are not guaranteed tickets and you have no obligation to buy.

    Please contact box office to be added onto a waiting list or if you have an online account just click on the ‘waiting list’ icon next to the show information.

  • I have not received a confirmation email or tickets, what should I do?

    If you have booked online and opted for an e-ticket, please check your spam/junk folder. Emails are sent from

    If you have requested for tickets to be sent to you in the post please contact box office to discuss.

  • My tickets were booked through an agent but I haven’t received them?

    You will need to contact the agent direct, we will not have any information regarding your booking on our system.

  • I have bought tickets though a secondary ticket site but they haven’t arrived?

    Purchasing tickets from an unofficial ticket agent is against our terms and conditions of sale. With secondary ticket sites you invariably buy from another customer rather than from the venue/official agents. These tickets can often be at an inflated ticket price and in purchasing you risk being declined entry.

    If your tickets have not arrived before the performance you will not be allowed access.

    The lead booker, whose name is printed on the ticket, must bring ID with them when attending the performance.

  • My tickets say ‘Doors 7pm’ as the start time, what does this mean?

    Not all promoters know the exact timings for a performance when it goes on sale, so these times are given as a guide. This is the time that you will be allowed into the hall, not the start time of the performance.

    Performance times will be updated on the website and announced on social media when confirmed. Please check back regularly.

  • I cannot find my printed tickets, can these be re-issued?

    Lost, mislaid or damaged tickets may be reprinted at the discretion of the box office. Reprints are not available in advance of the performance and an administration fee will be charged. Tickets will only be reissued to the lead booker who must have ID with them. Please contact box office in advance to discuss your booking.


  • Am I allowed to take my drinks inside the auditorium?

    Drinks are permitted inside the auditorium for most performances.

    Drinks will be served in recyclable plastic glasses, please help us by disposing of your plastic in the bins provided.

    To avoid congestion in our bar/foyer areas, we request that items purchased are consumed at your seats in the auditorium.

    Bars will only be open before the performance and during the interval.

    Contactless payments are preferred.

    For standing concerts, you can buy drinks throughout the concert, however, for all other concerts drinks can only be taken into the auditorium before the show and during the interval. This is to ensure no disruption during the performance.

    We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, and for any performance, to ensure our commitment to health and safety and to meet the conditions of our entertainment licence.

  • What time does the bar open and do you accept card payments?

    Our bars are open one hour prior to the start of the performance. This can vary so please check the individual webpages for up to date information.

    Contactless/card payments are preferred.

  • Do you take interval orders?

    For most shows interval orders can be made at any of our bars, please check with our bar staff on the night.

  • Do you serve meals?

    Unfortunately, we don not have a restaurant or serve hot food. Our kiosks serve a selection of freshly made sandwiches, crisps, and snacks.

    There are a number of local pubs/restaurants close by that offer some great food choices. These are not recommendations, just some options…



    Old Horse

    The Landsdowne

    The Marquis of Wellington Pub & Kitchen

  • Do I need to bring ID with me to get served at the bar?

    If you are fortunate enough to look under 21, we may ask you to prove you are 18 or over. The following forms of ID are accepted at our bars:

    • passport,
    • photo driving licence or
    • government ‘Prove It’ card.
  • Can I bring my own water bottle or food/drink with me?

    Unfortunately for health and safety reasons, metal and hard plastic water bottles are not allowed inside the hall.

    Only food and drink purchased on the premises is allowed on the grounds, unless required for medical purposes or for feeding infants or young children.


  • Do I need to book a ticket for my child?

    Children under the age of two, for most performances, are free and do not require a ticket but must sit on the lap of their parent or guardian. All older children need a ticket to attend.

    This may change depending on the type of performance and at the discretion of the promoter. Please check individual show pages or check with box office for up to date information.

    Parents or guardians may be asked to remove noisy or disruptive children.

  • Do you offer booster seats for children?

    The hall has a limited number of booster seats available on a first come first served basis. Please speak to a member of our front of house team inside the hall when you arrive.

  • Can I take a buggy/pushchair into the auditorium?

    We are sorry we do not allow buggies into the auditorium and if possible please try not to bring these with you.

  • What baby changing and or breastfeeding facilities are available?

    Baby changing facilities are available in the ladies toilets on the ground floor of the venue (Victoria Suite side).

    We are a breastfeeding friendly venue and you are welcome to feed throughout the building, however if you would prefer a quiet or private place to feed your child please speak to one of our front of house team.


  • What is De Montfort Hall doing to be greener?

    De Montfort Hall is committed in all areas of our work to operate as sustainably as we possibly can. We have already made changes to improve our environmental footprint and are always looking at ways we can improve further. This includes:

    • Providing and encouraging the use of water fountains backstage to reduce plastic waste.
    • Changing to LED lighting in the auditorium and continuing to update lighting in other areas of our venue – foyers, bars, backstage etc.
    • Operating a paperless invoicing system and recycling all paper and waste – paperless office, less printed material ordered to promoter performances, all bottles (glass and plastic) recycled.
    • Purchasing recycled products/materials where possible.
    • Updating ticket purchases to include e-tickets to reduce the amount of ticket stock ordered, printed and posted.
    • Using fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee/tea in our bars and kiosks.
    • Withdrawing plastic straws and stirrers from our bars.
    • Encouraging all staff to join the Leicester City Council cycle to work scheme.

    As part of Leicester City Council, we work within its Environmental Policy which can be found on the council website.

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