In 2009, Dave Gorman set off on a unique national tour. The intention: to cycle over 1,500 miles across Britain in 33 days… with a gig each night. I suppose that explains the title.

But demand for the show has been so high that he’s decided to keep performing it… but this time without cycling from venue to venue. He’s obviously getting lazy.

So now only the last bit of the title makes sense. But look at it from his point of view. Same show, fewer blisters. What would you do?

Of course from your point of view it doesn’t matter because it’s not a show about the journey. Dave – whose hit Radio 4 series, Genius, started its BBC2 incarnation on our TV screens in Spring 2009 - may be widely acclaimed as the pioneer of documentary comedy but with this show he’s gone back to his roots as a straight up, one-man-and-a-mic stand-up whose material is “mercilessly sharp and original.” The Times

“Gorman has seen his stock rise to such an extent that he’s poised, as never before, to make the leap from cult figure to mainstream phenomenon.” Daily Telegraph

“The man is a true genius.” The Mirror


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