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Seating Plan

The seating plan shown gives a general overview of the main auditorium in a standard tiered seating format.

Due to the great variety of events we put on at the hall we have several other seating formats that we use such as standing, dance floor, cabaret and flat floor seating. Drinks can be taken in downstairs for the dance floor and cabaret formats only.

Even the tiered format shown can change with some rows being taken out for certain performances. For example, for musicals, we do not use flat stalls, thus the front row will normally be row F.

Please note there is no balcony for the upper circle, the upper and rear circles are a continuous bank of seats.

We hope the image will assist you when choosing your seats, but would recommend that you check with Box Office staff exactly which format is being used for any given event before purchasing your tickets.

Please contact the Box Office at dmh on 0116 233 3111 for more information.

Wheelchair places

Please inform the Box Office when booking seats if you or a member of your party is a wheelchair user so that an available position can be allocated.